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I was influenced by Ilya Sutskever‘s "These changes will have astronomical impact on to society. Will humans actually benefit? and who will benefit from it?” and create this work.

Role: Concept Artist, 3D animator, Typography designer               Software Used: Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro


01 Concept:

This 3D Animation project is about the unknown consequences that technology brings to human life. I will use the theme of social media to express it.

02 Create Workflow

Create clear mind maps to visualize my workflow before starting work.

03 Moodboard & Storyboard

I'm used to starting with silhouettes and black and white

04 Color Choice

In order to better match the natural primary colors in the picture, I chose green as the basic color. And a large area of low-saturated colors to create a free and mysterious atmosphere, and at the same time set off the magic highlights in the later stage

05 Final Illustration Piece

 ✨ Now the illustration part of the witch’s table is completed! 🎉✨

06 Working on PSD File Layer Separation

I usually prepare a document to record and organize the entire animation production process before starting motion work. This helps me conceive the motion animation more clearly when doing layered work.

07 Animation & Final Editing

Animated in Adobe After Effects, Finished final animation & Audio edit in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe After Effects process.png

08 Thanks for watching ♡

The above is the entire process of my entire motion illustration project.

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