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The Witch's Table


This animation is designed to be a part of an interactive storytelling video game and showcases the idle animation for an item selection scene. Alternatively, this scene can also be used for any other related idle screens such as title or load screens.

Role: Illustrator, Concept Artist, 2D Animator, VFX                  Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro


01 Concept:

A dynamic illustration full of mystery and ritual elements on the theme of witches’s work

02 Create Workflow

Create clear mind maps to visualize my workflow before starting work.

03 Create thumbnail

I'm used to starting with silhouettes and black and white

04 Color Choice

In order to better match the natural primary colors in the picture, I chose green as the basic color. And a large area of low-saturated colors to create a free and mysterious atmosphere, and at the same time set off the magic highlights in the later stage

05 Final Illustration Piece

 ✨ Now the illustration part of the witch’s table is completed! 🎉✨

06 Working on PSD File Layer Separation

I usually prepare a document to record and organize the entire animation production process before starting motion work. This helps me conceive the motion animation more clearly when doing layered work.

07 Animation & Final Editing

Animated in Adobe After Effects, Finished final animation & Audio edit in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe After Effects process.png

08 Thanks for watching ♡

The above is the process of my entire motion illustration project.

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