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Happy Poop Time


Inspired by a MEME, one of the most important sources of security in the bathroom; the door lock is given the attribute of an interesting interactive installation.
I tried to represent the "private tranquility" that people are familiar with in a light and humorous concrete way, and ended with an absurd open ending. In this project, I chose a cartoon animation style to contrast with the dark humor narrative. It is recommended that you watch this film on your porcelain thrones.

Role: Concept Artist, 3D animation                                             Software Used: Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro


01 Concept:

This 3D animation was inspired by a funny meme I received. Its 

02 Create Workflow

Create clear mind maps to visualize my workflow before starting work.

MEME Project Process.png

03 Create MoodBoard & Storyboard

I'm used to ---

05 Final Illustration Piece

 ✨ Now the illustration part of the witch’s table is completed! 🎉✨

08 Thanks for watching ♡

The above is the entire process of my entire motion illustration project.

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